Monday, May 23, 2016

My Experience at the Lone Star Spanking Party

I attended my first national spanking party this weekend in Texas.  Wow, what a blast!  I believe there were 300+ in attendence and many of the attendees have known each other and played for years, so I was the newbie coming in.  I was also listed as one of the professionals in attendence, which may have created an initial stigma, but I think that was quickly discarded as I met and spanked several wonderful naughty boys during party play events!  I met so many wonderful people, and they were all very warm and accepting.  I say that like it is unusual, but actually it is just the opposite.  I have added many new friends to my world by attending meet and greets and play party events locally. This was like that, but on a much grander scale!  Now I am making friends from all over the US and other countries as well!

In my professional sessions I sometimes have clients who say they don't know why they are like this.  Some seem ashamed of themselves.  If you are someone who falls into this category, first, you are not alone.  I say this all the time, but people like you are all around you everywhere you go.  They are heads of companies, mechanics, grocery store checkers, etc, etc.  I've seen fetishes from all walks of life!  So society as a whole acts like it's weird, so what?!  It's more common than you realize.  It's just one of those things you don't openly discuss around the water cooler at work.  Nobody knows their neighbors and co-workers are "freaks" too because we aren't talking about it!  That doesn't make it any less true though!  

I say, you like what you like.  So you like asparagus and I like green beans.  Is that a problem?  Of course it isn't?!  We each have our "flavor" of preference.  So you like spanking and role playing that you are the student who got caught doing (fill in the blank), and someone else likes being told what to do by an authoritative woman figure, so what?!  That's your "flavor"!  We all have our flavor of preference and some are vanilla.  That's okay too.  There is no need for shame, just embrace who you are!  That doesn't necessarily mean be open to those around you, but to just accept yourself for who you are and stop feeling guilt or shame over it.  Whether you live with a secret or have the ability to attend play parties, the fact is, we are everywhere!  We are normal people you encounter everyday, everywhere you go (most of us anyway LOL) whether you realize it or not.  

I got a little off topic there, but let me attempt to come full circle here.  Having started my exploration of this world as a professional rather than a home player, my perspective is different.  It's not better or worse, just different than most.  Yes, I have practiced BDSM from as far back as I remember.  I just didn't realize it fell under the category of BDSM!  When I started in this industry I began seeing clients who did not have the ability to attend play parties or be open about their fetishes.  I, therefore, do not bother them between times in order to keep me and their fetishes separate from their daily lives.  This proved to be very isolating.  Even though a few of my vanilla friends know what I do, they couldn't really have a two way interaction about it.  I decided to attend some local events merely to make friends that unserstood.  That was THE best decision!  (Here comes that full circle part.....)  So, if you have the ability to attend local events and meet others like yourself, by all means do so!  It can be scary, but once you get past that initial fear, you too may meet others like yourself.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a two way conversation with someone about spanking!  To know you are not alone in your fetish is absolutely priceless!  If you cannot do that, I am still here for you, keeping and accepting your fetish secrets and spanking hineys discreetly, but for those who can come out and play, DO!   

~ Portia J Spanks : )

Friday, May 6, 2016

13 days and counting down to The Lone Star Spanking Party!!  >: )

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Client Appreciation Day

I would like to take a minute to thank all of my clients, past and present, for being serious and showing up, for one thing, and for just being good people!  I have a lot of fun doing what I do and I thank you for allowing me to do just that!  I appreciate each one of you for your trust and varying degrees of submission.  

~ Portia : )